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"Wakey wakey!" Janice propted as she lightly tapped Phil with her huge index finger, so to alert him.
"Oh, good morning. Where are the others, still inside?" Phil asked the energetic giantess.
"Yeah I figured you should go wake them, I won't be able to go in since I' know." she responded chuckling.
"Hehe okay I'll go and wake them up." Phil flexed out of his chair in the most perculiar manner, stretched into a standing position and tiredly shuffled
into the buiding. Out of the empty storage room came Mark and Johan who were seemingly wide awake.
"Aww yeah today's gonna be sweet!" Mark cheered, dancing down the hallway followed by Johan. Phil smirked with amusement and progressed to the other
storage room door. It was closed, not locked, but brought a sense of forbiddance; he continued to rap on the door three times so to not intrude.
"Oh, erm come in!" Matthew replied from the other side of the door. Phil entered to see the two scrambing back to their original sleeping spaces, flushed.
"...Okay..." Phil muttered as he exited the room embarassed, only looking back once. Once outside, Phil called the group in so all of them huddled together
to listen.
"Alright so we're moving today hopefully to a safer area. We'll all need to pack the car and van with supplies which means everyone's helping," Phil paused
and looked over to Mark and Johan, giggling away like insane chimps. "Incuding you two!" The two automatically stopped and tried to stand as staright and formally
as possible. Phil continued "What I have also been thinking of is how Janice can help in all of this," Phil diverted his attention to Janice.
"You told me last night about a 'gathering' you're supposed to attend in this very desert somewhere near here, correct?" Phil asked.
"Yes indeed. But..." Janice paused and looked mildly scared. "I don't think I want to." The whole group were surprised by this but allowed Janice to continue.
"I'm not like other giant women like me you see. A lot of them do horrible things to people for their own personal gain or just out of fun! It's terrible! I don't
want to be like them but if I don't they might see me as an enemy." Janice began to tear up and sniffle.
"Janice, this is my best chance of finding Emily. If she shows up to that gathering and we go with you, we're bound to find her! I know we wil!" Phil reassured.
"So please, would you help us out?" Janice dried her eyes, her tears like buckets of water and agreed "Okay."
To this response, the group cheered joyfully. Except from Lilly who, arms folded, stared at Janice blankly as if to be monitoring her actions.

All of the crew were at work loading the vehicles to the brim. Bags, suitcases, boxes, jars and rucksacks were piled into the vehiicles, mainly the van as it
obviously had more space in it. Lilly wanted as much luggage as possible to go into her car so to test the limitations of the vehicle. Once all was packed in safely
and the group had returned to their vehicles, Phil asked Janice to lead onward and told her that they'd follow behind her. With that Janice took off at a decent pace
up the road so Mark and Lilly drove behind her. Janice turned her head several times for safety but then carried on straight after - she seemed to know where she was
going. At last, they reached a point where Janice stopped running.
"What's wrong?" Mark shouted from inside his van, the two vehicles screeching to a halt. Janice was breathing heavily and glaring at an empty space for a while;
after wiping sweat from her forehead, her sweat like a wide waterfall above her face, she knelt down to speak to Phil.
"I'm so sorry, we didn't get here in time! It looks like they've already left - the gathering is over." Janice sobbed. Mark and Johan evacuated their vehicle and
quickly ran towards Janice to comfort her. Phil growled in frustration and Lilly turned to him.
"Phil, cam down. We will find her, with or without this monster's help. She's made one mistake so one more and it'll be good-bye to Janice." Lilly spitefully
rambled. There would soon be another long journey ahead.


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